About game:

Slots Journey

The world cries out for a new Slots champion! Visit beautiful historic and modern locations around the world on your journey to become the best of the best!
Your journey begins among the sand dunes of Ancient Egypt. Discover secrets buried beneath centuries of history! Many dangers lurk in the tombs beneath the sand! Challenges await among the wondrous pyramids and the great Sphinx that have turned back lesser Slots adventurers.
If you survive Egypt, you'll find a variety of Slots and Bonus games waiting out among the far reaches of the globe. Witness the majestic splendor of China. Island hop in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Pirates. Face off against myths both awe-inspiring and deadly in Ancient Greece or the mysterious night creatures of Transylvania. These are just a taste of the experiences you'll find in Slots Journey. With these adventures and more arriving regularly, the thrills may never end!
Slots Journey is available on social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, MoyMir) and mobile devices running iOS and Android. Each version provides a slots simulation experience catering to the strengths of its platform, bursting with unique gameplay, visuals, and characters.
Game Features:
  • Free to play!
  • A variety of slot machine styles and bonus games!
  • Improve your odds with gameplay boosters!
  • New locations added regularly!
  • In-game achievement system!
  • iOS Game Center and Achievements enabled!