About game:

Bingo Time Journey

Bingo Time Journey is a game for those who want to have a great time, learn more and open new horizons!

It will take you to many different continents during various historical epochs and the most interesting moments in humanity's existence. More over Bingo Time Journey contains a lot of varieties: 75 Bingo and Quick Bingo, that give you the most possible choices and positive impressions!

A 75-ball bingo card is a 5x5 grid where the central square is "Free" which means it is already marked. The first column (the "B" column) is for numbers 1-15, after that you have the "I", "N", "G" and "O" column, each containing the next sequence of 15 numbers, so there are 75 numbers in total. Note that you can buy one or several cards for each game.

In Quick Bingo you can choose combination of digits to play with. The process of playing would take a few seconds and you will see if the combination matches straight away. So you'll get your winnings at once.

The main characters of The Bingo Time Journey are two cute bingomen that went to the beginning of time due to the results of the crazy professor Bingoff's research at the moment of the Big Bang. In order to get home, they’ll have to pass through all of history’s eras and significant events. Dinosaurs, prehistoric men, the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, the discovery of America by Columbus, the first flight of the Montgolfier brothers, the triumphant march of Napoleon’s army, the Apollo program – the bingomen will encounter all of these on their amazing journey!